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SEO Tips

A lot of traffic can be generated from following some simple tips about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It's not rocket science, nor is it a dark art that only a few have knowledge about. Here are some tips we recommend you follow to get a better web ranking for your site, because a higher ranking = more traffic = more sales.

  • Get links to your site: google particularly ranks your site based on the number and quality of links you have to your website. More links = a better ranking because people are effectively 'voting' for your website when they link to it
  • Get your meta-data right: sounds tricky but it isnt because there are hundreds of pages out there on what you should do with your meta-data. Tags such as title, keywords, and description are absolute essentials for a good website that will rank well
  • Choose the right keywords: your average web spider looks at the content and text of your site and ranks you accordingly. So more rich content and more keywords about a particular topic means you'll be ranked higher whenever someone searches on those keywords. If your business targets "portrait photos in Bondi" then ideally your website has pages that talk a lot about portrait photography services in the Bondi area!

There are a lot of other SEO techniques, but the ones above cover the basics. Contact us for more information here.

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